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Photography association launched in Xiamen

On 15th January, a travel photography association was launched in Xiamen. Unlike some other photography associations, this association would be committed to promote tourism as well as enhancing Xiamen’s image.

In the last few years, Xiamen has experienced a huge boom in their tourism industry and it has been accredited as one the popular domestic travel places. Now, this place is making attempts to serve tourists know about this popular coastal city.

Photography association’s honorary president Peng Yiwan stated that vivid pictures might better reveal a colorful and lively Xiamen to people across the world. After its official launch, perceptivity into photography as well as related training would be offered to their members.

At present, there are 89 members, ten consultants as well as one honorary president in the organization. In future, anyone who is occupied in photography could apply to be a part of the association.

Meanwhile, Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World, released to observe the 40th anniversary of Lonely Planet. The book carries a magnificent collection of 189 color snaps which justify the title. In its introduction, it asks readers that the world is full of beautiful places when you can catch your breath. But people do not see them every day and at times, you require to be reminded where you are.

Lonely Planet has arranged their book in different chapters which reflect an aspect of life, such as Harmony, Origins, Untamed and Space. All the pictures are jaw dropping – the Plitvice National Park in Croatia to Milky Way above the Dolomites in Italy to an aerial view of Manhattan in evening to Holi festival in India.

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