World Photography Awards announces the winner of UK National Award

Today, Byron Dilkes, a Brit photographer, is named as the winner of United Kingdom National Award, which is a part of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015. Dilkes’ winning snapshot called ‘Tantalizingly Tropical’ was selected as the single best snapshot clicked by a Brit photographer got into any of the 10 Open classes of the Sony World Photography Awards this year, the largest photography contest of the world.

Elaborating the photo Dilkes, said that it was a blacktip reef shark moves via the edge of a retrieving coral reef in search of food. With this photo, she wanted to portray as many things of the exalted ‘tropical island’ as possible. The photo was mainly difficult to get, as it required the right combination of tide, good underwater visibility and calm surface conditions. At low tide he waded out with his underwater housing and perched on a large rock as he waited for the tide. On this particular day he perched on the rock for about 4 hours until the incoming tide threatened to sweep him off his feet.

Byron is a diver as well as a keen photographer presently based in Seychelles. His picture would be displayed as a part of Sony World Photography Awards exhibit 2015 at Somerset House in London from 24th April – 10th May 2015. Read more »

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Kodak to start a photography aimed smartphone at 2015 CES

Smartphones have literally made the point-and-shoot cameras almost obsolete, but now Kodak is looking to deal with a mobile technology in order to make a return. At the CES next month, Kodak and Bullit is set to release a smartphone in a range of Android devices targeted at photography lovers.

Little is known regarding the different products in Kodaks pipeline, but it was reported by a leading website that the range would have 2 smartphones, a tab as well as a connected camera. One of the smartphones would be showcased at the CES in January, and another would be a 4G device, a tablet as well as camera would be declared throughout 2015s second half. Read more »

NYIP introduces two new photography courses – Photojournalism and Travel Photography

New York Institute of Photography has started two all new online photography courses – an Intensive Course in Photojournalism and an Intensive Course in Travel Photography. Both these photography courses are now available along with NYIP’s 7 other courses for aspiring photographers all across the world.

The Travel Photography Course of NYIP will teach people at any level how to record their expeditions. The students will know about the travel photography language, what gear is rightly suited for various types of trips, and how to click better nature, wildlife shots, landscapes, portraits as well as architectural snaps. Along with this, the course deals with students’ to get money as a travel photographer by serving them develop their portfolio as well as teaching the business skills required to succeed in this field.

On the other hand, the Photojournalism Course of NYIP  will teach how to take more impactful images that says a story. Students will get to know how to see the planet like a photographer, the principles of narrative, and how to tell a visual story. In addition, the course prepares students for a career as a photojournalist with business training and portfolio development.

NYIP School Director Jacob Boller told that the mission of New York Institute of Photography has always been to make a high-quality photography education accessible as well as convenient for students all across the world. The introduction of these two courses allows them to expand on that mission and serve aspiring photographers in these two fascinating fields.

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