2016 ING Unseen Talent Award Goes to Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf, the Austrian Photographer is the winner of the event known as ING Unseen Talent Award of 2016 that took place on 22nd  September in Amsterdam.

The prize money €10,000 along with the award got accepted at the Unseen Photo Fair for funding a new project.

The five finalists were Miren Pastor from Spain, Tereza Zelenkova from Czech Republic, Felicity Hammond from UK, Laurianne Bixhain from Luxembourg and of course Thomas Albdorf from Austria.

Thomas Albdorf was the student of the Transmedia Art at the famous institution namely University of Applied Arts, Vienna. He graduated in 2013 and his works were already showcased across USA and Europe. His works also got featured in many magazines, now presently he resides and works in Austria.

Albdorf understands photography as a chain of events inclusive of the staging, post production and last but not the least the final print.

Along with this, there was another announcement made and this was the name of the winner under the section of ING Unseen Talent Award 2016 Public Prize. In this case, it was the online poll that decides the winner. The online poll was open till 19th September. The winner was Miren Pastor of Spain. He got the scope to add some work to the ING Collection.

Miren Pastor grew up in Madrid and was the student of Fine Arts in the University of The Basque Country. He did his specialization in photography in the art school known as Blank Paper Escuela in Madrid.