Photographer talks about Beirut’s stunning architecture

A lot of people in the west believe Beirut to be a city scarred by terror and war.

But the Lebanon capital is really a beautiful, modern city. It is one that is remade after the civil war finished in the year 1990. Shining skyscrapers tower over old and historic and pre-war architecture, doused in color and bathed in sunlight. It offers no end of aspiration for Serge Najjar, whose lovely snaps photos of the city fill his Instagram page.
The forty-one year old photographer loves his city, and it appears to look for striking symmetry as well as impulsive geometry at each turn. The minimalist snaps fulfilling his Instagram appear unexpected and at times seem to dare gravity. He told that Beirut is a wonderful place for an architectural freak like him. Construction has been booming since the end of civil war and the nations has a rich variety of buildings.
Serge is quite an unlikely, and an almost accidental photographer. He has been a finance lawyer for the past twenty years, and he never gave photography much thought until the year 2011, when his mum signed him up for a course taught by a friend. He immediately took to it, and very soon found himself taking pictures almost everything he saw. He told that photography made him realize that he did not know his country as well as he thought it to be—that it was possible for him to look at it with an all new eye and redefine what he saw through his lens in a subjective way.