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The Dear Photograph Collection

Dear Photograph is a collection of sentiments from Taylor Jones. This is a brilliant idea represented in a book which is sure to touch your hearts. The concept is a simplified version of overlapping the old image to the present day background. This idea is not something which has never existed before but it never went viral like it did this time with “”.

The guys at portrait photographer derbyshire have even compared it to what hallmark is to a hand bag and chicken is for KFC. It is an ideal gift for emotionally dependent persons and has reach out of thousands since its launch a few days ago.

We tried to review it for you so that you can have a quick understanding about what this book behold and what exactly you can do with it. In short this book is a big greeting card which features photographs in a time line manner. It has historical images overlapping the present day backgrounds. It also features families and friends and know associates who are no more in touch or whom the owner remembers. This is a pictorial presentation of what was once there and what is now that stands.

For people who are less sentimental or do not like to recall the past please stay away from it. You will have an immediate flash back of whatever existed in your life once and this might make you jilt up a bit. For excessively emotional people take your medication before you start up with it. We had a dog long time back and the moment I ran down through this book I was all tears looking back at the door step of our house remembering the photograph I had with him on the same place 7 years back.

This book is not something which someone can pay up and throw away. It will always pull you through your very own old memories from the past. If you have an old photo album and you miss someone, we just hope you find it sooner or later.

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