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2016 ING Unseen Talent Award Goes to Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf, the Austrian Photographer is the winner of the event known as ING Unseen Talent Award of 2016 that took place on 22nd  September in Amsterdam.

The prize money €10,000 along with the award got accepted at the Unseen Photo Fair for funding a new project.

The five finalists were Miren Pastor from Spain, Tereza Zelenkova from Czech Republic, Felicity Hammond from UK, Laurianne Bixhain from Luxembourg and of course Thomas Albdorf from Austria.

Thomas Albdorf was the student of the Transmedia Art at the famous institution namely University of Applied Arts, Vienna. He graduated in 2013 and his works were already showcased across USA and Europe. His works also got featured in many magazines, now presently he resides and works in Austria.

Albdorf understands photography as a chain of events inclusive of the staging, post production and last but not the least the final print.
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Get ready for Julian Gardner Award 2015

As spring is finally is finally round the corner, UK’s top wildlife research charity is asking amateur photographers to go outside and take a prize-winning picture of British wildlife or countryside. Organized by Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Julian Gardner Award is now in its 4th year and is handed to the photographer who has encapsulated the beauty and wonder of British nature most successfully.

The award is handed in 2 categories – adult as well as sixteen-and-under. Last year’s adult category champ was Shaun Barrow of Barnstaple, He took it for his dramatic snapshot of a cuckoo, when Mairi Eyres of Llangedwyn clicked the delicate photo of a beetle which won the sixteen-and-under category.

The competition would be judged by Laurie Campbell, award-winning wildlife photographer, Peter Thompson GWCT advisor, as well as GWCT publications editor Louise Shervington. The winner will be declared at CLA Game Fair 2015 this summer. Peter Thompson, offering his advice to probable entrants, told that at times the most amazing snaps are relatively simple, portraying an incredible landscape or spectacular individual species in its natural environment, allowing nature to show itself. Read more »


Between the cross tunnelling streets of London, once there exists an age old institution which is popularly known as “The Photographer’s Gallery”.. It is the home since 1971 to an innocuous front of a shop, which was previously Tea Shop of Lyon’s situated at eight Great Street Newport. During 1980 it all expanded to rabbit hole-like gallery moved onto at five Newport Street, hiding under its under stated signboard, with a minimal taste of interiors and 1980s atmosphere.

The new renovated Gallery home, opens up in May 19, which is on the Ramillies Street and is situated on the north part of Soho which is a complete qualitatively changes proposition. The building was previously designed by an Irish architect Sir O’Donnell Tuomey. It’s very next project is already under development, with the all new 21.5 million pound student study centre at London School of Economics.

Photographers’ Gallery project is smaller than anticipated although it was predicted to be more elaborate than the one that stands today. O’Donnell plus Tuomey was formed way back in 2005 in order to design a completely fresh building on the very same site, a 5 storied gallery which would cost around 16 million pounds. But by 2008 the chances of raising this huge amount of money suffered a fall and thereby an all new strategy became necessary.

It was then decided that the warehouse on the Ramillies Street, that was on the verge of demolition will pave the way for newly proposed building. It was finally decided that there would be galleries on the 3 floors, and the attendant offices along with other education facilities will be shifted to some other place.  Now with the tight 9.2 million pounds a completely new storey was designed which reminds us what it could have been if the 21 million pounds was raised.

The recent architecture of the all refurbished Photographers’ Gallery block adores Ramillies Street with an all new sense of respect which it has never experienced before. The ground floor is home to a fresh cafe which is open to street via floor to ceiling transparent glass which leaves the frame of the whole building exposed. It can be said that all these changes and modification does little to highlight the photography relevance.

The first grand exhibition on screen will embark a historical journey of GIF images from all across the internet. It sure sounds fun, and is being eagerly awaited by all the staff at the Portrait Photographer Cheshire website.

The decision to keep the gallery in Soho has been very heart-warming for the London lovers. If the commission decided to shift it they could have found a space that large in Clerkenwell or near the outskirts but they retained it in the heart of London which is its very own heritage.

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