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Ashley Wee’s turtle photo wins Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards

It appears that Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, the Prince of Wales, has a soft spot for sea turtles. And, this ‘soft spot’ is exactly what resulted in a personal meeting between Ashley Wee and the Prince of Wales. It was Ashley Wee, a Calgary photographer, snatched the top spot in the Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards.

Ashley told that it was really a great experience. He was very kind. It was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was very surreal, and it did not really sink in until she was standing right there beside him as he presented the award.

She met the Prince of Wales previous week after she was flown to a event at the historic Maritime Museum in Malta. The Out of The Blue, the contest sought photographs displaying the ocean, as taken by citizens of Commonwealth in a Commonwealth country — the aim being to draw attention to the sea’s vulnerability, along its economic importance.

Wee’s snapshot, named ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ shows the head of a sea turtle weakening from the ocean surface, as it surfaced to breathe — a photograph the judges termed a “a cry for the ocean and its creatures.”

Wee stated that the snapshot was really pure luck, clicked as she snorkeled with her family off the coast of Nassau. Having studied marine biology and dealt an undergraduate honors thesis on the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, the twenty-six-year-old Wee was more than happy to see a pack of about 6 or 7 sea turtles swimming by, though she knew not to upset the endangered creatures.

Photography association launched in Xiamen

On 15th January, a travel photography association was launched in Xiamen. Unlike some other photography associations, this association would be committed to promote tourism as well as enhancing Xiamen’s image.

In the last few years, Xiamen has experienced a huge boom in their tourism industry and it has been accredited as one the popular domestic travel places. Now, this place is making attempts to serve tourists know about this popular coastal city.

Photography association’s honorary president Peng Yiwan stated that vivid pictures might better reveal a colorful and lively Xiamen to people across the world. After its official launch, perceptivity into photography as well as related training would be offered to their members.

At present, there are 89 members, ten consultants as well as one honorary president in the organization. In future, anyone who is occupied in photography could apply to be a part of the association.

Meanwhile, Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World, released to observe the 40th anniversary of Lonely Planet. The book carries a magnificent collection of 189 color snaps which justify the title. In its introduction, it asks readers that the world is full of beautiful places when you can catch your breath. But people do not see them every day and at times, you require to be reminded where you are.

Lonely Planet has arranged their book in different chapters which reflect an aspect of life, such as Harmony, Origins, Untamed and Space. All the pictures are jaw dropping – the Plitvice National Park in Croatia to Milky Way above the Dolomites in Italy to an aerial view of Manhattan in evening to Holi festival in India.

New introductory module

Stratford Career Institute has included a new subject in their distance learning Photography program. A whole new module called Introduction to Photography has now been included to the course program. The module deals with topics such as – Basic Technical Concepts and Skills, Practical Projects for Developing Photography Skills, Career Opportunities in Photography, Working with Photos on a Computer and Capabilities of Photo Editing Software.

Education for Stratford Career Institute’s Director Dr. Claude Major told that this brand new program go over few basic ideas and skills and how to implement them before going into more detailed photography subjects.

Once the students are brought in to this basic summary of the subject, Stratford’s Photography program curriculum goes over digital images, filters, colors, work presentation, lighting as well as general marketing strategies. The final program is named Going Pro.

Officials at Stratford stated that since the program concentrates on the fundamentals, everyone – whether it is experienced or amateurs can benefit from the huge range of material covered here. Just like the popular high school diploma program of Stratford, this Photography program can be finished fully at home through independent, guided study.

Students can finish exams online – in combination or in mail. Instructors are available during the whole program course via toll-free phone or e-mail. The online eService of Stratford allows students to use the online library, make tuition payments, track shipments and several other important things.

Young photographer captures Harrisburg city

They catches Harrisburg in a whole different light. There are shots of Harrisburg Transportation Center, Susquehanna River, the Capitol; as well as the views of the city shot a top parking garage roofs. For a city affected by crime and debt, Harrisburg is seen in a different way by a bunch of students who spend a week behind the camera.

Now in its 6th year, the series of summer photograph bootcamps that is sponsored by Canon Professional Services makes the students ages ten to sixteen learn about the ins and outs of digital photography. Charlie Smith runs the camp. He told that the idea is to introduce young students to photography. It was not something that really happened in this area, and when they moved to digital it was a great scope to educate students and youth who very much had interest in photography.

Actually, there are two camps. One concentrates on urban photography as well as includes tours to State Museum of Pennsylvania, a cruise on the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat and state Capitol building. The second class concentrates about the wildlife and nature photography with concentration at Wildwood Nature Center.

The students are handed equipment through Canon Professional Services. Smith told that they catch on very fast. It was to teach them the fundamentals of photography. They learn very fast and by the end of the week, they really took some great photos.

From dog trainer to photographer

Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum art gallery is currently showcasing the wildlife snaps of Dick Wilberforce of Canadian Texas. The exhibit named God’s Critters will be showcased at the museum till 16th May. Dick’s career in photography sprang from a completely different career.

He told that he started out as a dog trainer. He would take the dog for ninety days and almost within the first thirty days the owner of the dog would want a snap of their dog. Therefore, he would take some snapshot of the dogs and send back home as he continued th train the dogs to become working dogs or sporting dogs.

But Dick told that he noticed that some of his snaps were not turning out great, mainly when it came to black dogs. He added that they came out looking like big black spots and he was not the only one who noticed that, His wife said he ought to learn how to take a real snap.

Later that is what he did and then he started to capture magnificent wildlife portraits. The snaps currently on exhibit at the Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum are just some samples of Dick Wilberforce’s decades long catalogue of photography work.All his snaps shows his respect and appreciation for nature an wildlife.

One wall of the gallery is totally dedicated to snaps of Lesser Prairie Chicken. Wilberforce told that he has been working with prairie chickens for around fifty years.

Photography turns into obsession

For the last thirty years photography has been an integral part of Dan Holmes’ life and in the past ten years it has turned into a passion. He showcases his work throughout the region, including the Red Brick Gallery, the Museum of Ventura County, the Sylvia White Gallery local clinics and hospitals.

In his artist statement he wrote that his pictures are reflections of those moments in time when light, form and color fit. It is a magical instant when those elements come together in the viewfinder, the shutter clicks and the moment is captured. Apart from taking pictures, Dan regularly leads photo tours and workshops.

He told that he prefers sharing the moment and seeing the participants come alive with the discovery. He does wildlife and nature photography, landscape photography as well as portraits and weddings.

Dan grew up in a farm which is south of Sacramento, the 4th generation of farmers. He started working in the farm when he was just 11 year old. Sitting on the tractor, bored to tears on an absolutely clear day, seeing the snowcapped Sierra, he thought that he needed to go. He did not want to stay in the farm.

After earning a college degree, he worked for a international vegetable seed company for thirty five years. He lived st many places before finally settling at in Ventura around 30 years ago. It was in 2002 when his passion for photography turned into an obsession.