Top wildlife snaps now available in a book

Each year, top wildlife photos are chosen by a panel of judges to fix the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. A contest that started in 1965 still attracts the very best of wildlife snaps from across the world. The top hundred snaps are showcased across the world after it first appeared at the Natural History Museum in London.

50 years worth of snapshots to chose from has finally resulted in a magnificent collection which has been offered in a magnificent new book. The editor did not just offer a chronological presentation; instead he has selected themes to link the snapshots, like underwater images or aerial viewpoints. Within those selections, it is possible to see the evolution of various photographic approaches.

To have one snap selected to hit the book is impressive, but there are a number of photographers like Erlend Haarberg, Jim Brandenburg and Vincent Munier, who have several images included.

Starting from the littlest shrimp on the ocean bed to a polar bear poised along with an Arctic fox against a huge ice wilderness, people are offered the opportunity to see into many unique areas where nature has been free from man’s influence. The perseverance and talent of these photographers have finally resulted in breathtaking looks at natural world, and remind them how important it is to protect these species and spaces.

The book Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years, which is edited by Rosamund Kidman Cox carries 252 pages. The Firefly Book costs $49.95.